Saturday, January 11, 2014

Brown wine (2000 Berardo Chianti Classico reserva)

The lady bought the bottle from the closeout rack, took it home, opened it, poured it, and was appalled. I can understand why. It was brown. Browner even than the photo can convey.

And yet, being a 2000 Chianti Classico reserva -- from the heart of the Chianti region, pre-aged before release and meant to age more -- it was not entirely ghastly. Acidic, yes, a bit grainy and earthy, like past-ripe fruits full of seeds, but also matured past that young Chianti stable-yard funk.

Still I must admit it didn't last too long once opened. I would guess the disappointed lady ("it tasted horrible") and I were just a year or perhaps two, too late.

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