Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I'm very fond of the fashions of the 1950s -- adult fashions, not poodle skirts and jeans -- and also of fifties retro kitchen ware. Somehow, on a beautiful summer Sunday, and Father's Day no less, while Dad has taken Junior to the movies and the girls are out shopping, it seems completely appropriate to make a grilled cheese sandwich on white bread and eat it out on the back porch. It is vital to tuck slices of fresh tomato into the sandwich and to salt it just before eating. If you drip tomato juice down your front, it's o.k. because you are wearing your Sunday grubs anyway. The plate is nice and solid, and has a design of cherries in the center.

With this you'll want either a glass of iced tea or a glass of whatever wine is left in the fridge -- would that it had been left from last night's dinner party, where you wore your new sheath dress and peep-toe red pumps! Anyway, what I had left in the fridge was a "super-Tuscan" from Castello di Lucignano, a 70% sangiovese, 30% cabernet sauvignon blend of 1998 vintage. It was nice and tart and freshly berry-like. To sip it from what looks like an old parfait glass also seemed retro and appropriate. Or maybe just goofy.

Afterward, there was nothing to do but go take a nap, while the Father's Day roast cooked in the oven. Perfect.

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