Monday, January 13, 2014

Wines of Chile -- 2010 Emiliana "Novas" Gran Reserva pinot noir

The people who run the twice-yearly Wines of Chile live blogger tasting have been so generous this fall (this spring, in Chile) -- twelve wines sampled instead of a mere eight -- that I think I should offer a bit of time to each. Here we enjoy our fifth of the case, Emiliana's "Novas" pinot noir. Novas, the Latin for new, and the starry theme on the label both refer to the appearance of bright new stars in the heavens, and other wondrous and interesting things. The wine is, quietly, what pinot noirs tend to be: a whiff of smokiness, a taste of olive brine, a mouthful of fresh tart raspberries. Delicious.

I write this in an unusually quiet house. The young folks are out on a zombie safari hayride. I ask you.

Retail, about $14

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