Sunday, January 12, 2014

Oh goody! Another red sky at dawn

"Sailors take warn," the old doggerel goes. Odd, how often it proves right.

I made up my mind some time ago not to eat my heart out because I don't live in a warm climate. "There is no bad weather, only bad clothing," runs a Norwegian proverb -- the sports announcer said so, years ago when the Olympics were held at Lillehammer, remember? -- and it is odd, also, how rarely people will dress comfortably for winter. If they wore parkas in summer, would they also hate summer? Not that I don't love summer, too. 

"...On this he arose
and placed the bed of balsam near the fire,
strewing sheepskins on top, and skins of goats.
Odysseus lay down. His host threw over him
A heavy blanket cloak, his own reserve
against the winter wind when it came wild."
 The Odyssey, Book XIV, tr. Robert Fitzgerald, 1963.

Now you may warm yourself with a glass of good red wine. Alexander Valley pinot noir, retail, about $18

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