Saturday, January 11, 2014

#FWPets -- and John Evelyn on garlic

It turns out my laptop is not an android device. Therefore I can't "share a photo of my pet with his favorite magazine," the October issue of Food & Wine, using #FWPets to upload it to Instagram.

You can have it instead.

Nicholas thinks there's probably something good in this issue about garlic. If not, he's been reading John Evelyn's Aceteria, or Discourse on Sallet (1699), where he enjoyed this:

Garlick, Allium; dry towards Excess; and tho' both by Spaniards and Italians, and the more Southern People, familiarly eaten, with almost every thing, and esteem'd of such singular Vertue to help Conception, and thought a Charm against all Infection and Poyson (by which it has obtain'd the Name of the Country-man's Theriacle) we yet think it more proper for our Northern Rustics, especially living in Uliginous and moist places, or such as use the Sea: Whilst we absolutely forbid it entrance into our Salleting, by reason of its intolerable Rankness, and which made it so detested of old; that the eating of it was (as we read) part of the Punishment for such as had committed the horrid'st Crimes. To be sure, 'tis not for Ladies Palats, nor those who court them, farther than to permit a light touch on the Dish, with a Clove thereof, much better supply'd by the gentler Roccombo
Nicholas promises he will soon finish his research on roccombo, so he can tell you what that is.

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