Monday, January 20, 2014

2008 Preston of Dry Creek sauvignon blanc

Harrumph. For me, the search for a very good sauvignon blanc means a search for more kiwi and grapefruit aromas, more bursting lime juiciness and spiky acidity. Karen MacNeil in The Wine Bible writes that the name sauvignon means "wildness," and that its taste should be just that, wild, "taut," "lithe," its acidity like a "stiletto."  

Which brings us to California samples, and to this one. Nice enough, but not very wild. Rather, a bit soft, round, and sweet, as California sauvignon blancs tend, I think, to be. The whiff of banana candy suggests some time spent in oak, which is exactly what our angry (and hugely enjoyable) mentor Willie Gluckstern, The Wine Avenger, said sauvignon blanc should never be subjected to.


Harrumph. Suitable for cooking, I suppose. No offense meant.
Retail, about $18.

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