Sunday, January 19, 2014

Conundrum ...

Trying to Guess the Varietal is a game that always lands me in the soup. Savoring the blend that makes up Conundrum, I thought, "gewurztraminer, surely -- there's that ginger ale taste. Most of the rest, chardonnay?"

Mostly wrong. According to Conundrum's website, if they are not being adorably cagey with their information ("enters round with a Chardonnay weight to it" is not the same thing as saying "we use chardonnay"), the grapes used are muscat, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and viognier.

Flowers -- ginger -- 
marshmallow -- thick, heavy body -- dry
banana candy

I'm sure it's very beautifully done -- probably very difficult to do, and would it be easier to blend red grapes to begin with? -- and there are people who love it. But Conundrum is not to my taste. Each of the four grapes used has its own characteristics which I like to appreciate separately. These characteristics don't necessarily complement all others, and the whole -- flowery and spicy, thick and sweet, raw-doughy but weakly acidic and faintly dry -- seemed to me a bit of a mess. Still. Best regards, and all that.

Retail, about $20.

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