Thursday, July 9, 2015

Deliciously wrong (port in summer)

It's been open for months. I don't know what it "should have" tasted like.

It's the wrong season for port -- we want November afternoon sleet and a cozy couch, not a cool July night and a kitchen table. The New York Philharmonic is playing The Nutcracker. Alec Baldwin always sounds so pleasant and rational while narrating Thursday night's concerts. One can hardly believe he occasionally berates paparazzi, or throws telephones.

All, all deliciously wrong. Yet, one thanks God the open bottle did not burst its stopper and spill all over the interior of the car on the way home from work, just when one turned the corner and the bag holding this, plus the other three bottles, jostled just enough to fling it, neck down, behind the passenger seat. Yes.

One thanks God. (And one remembers the rebuke about port from Brideshead Revisited: "Sebastian, don't be an ass. You've had quite enough.")

Barao de Vilar, Porto Reserve. Sip in a little cylindrical glass, alongside crackers and cheese. When the New York Philharmonic is finished, listen to "Baroque and Before." Sometimes, WFMT gets it.

One loves porto.

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