Friday, June 25, 2021

"this idolization of race and governmental power"

 Is not this idolization of race and governmental power that is being pounded into the public consciousness by the radio open heresy? 

Edith Stein, April 12, 1933

The future Sister and now Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross wrote this to the Pope at the beginning of the Third Reich, just before she entered her Carmel. Nine years later she was sent to Auschwitz and gassed along with her sister, Rosa; flight from a German convent to a Dutch one didn't help because the Nazis invaded Holland in 1940. 

It seems a little quaint that she spoke of only one mass media, the radio. Her feast day is August 9th.  


Saint Edith Stein. A Spiritual Portrait. Dianne Marie Traflet. Boston: Pauline Books and Media, 2008. 


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