Monday, May 19, 2014

2007 David Hill Estate pinot noir

This was one of those rare finds from a small-time distributor which you allow one chance and that's all  -- a good wine, defiantly pricey considering its lack of reputation. I managed to sell it off at $17.99 a bottle but certainly I can't "reload" it into the store.

Earthy, sophisticated, interesting. Good luck finding it anywhere.

Tudor history geeks know that today is a special day in our remembrance. It is May 19, the anniversary of the death of Anne Boleyn. She seems to be the hinge on which the whole Tudor door, so to speak, swings. So this makes four hundred and seventy-eight years since her execution. One wonders: just because the earth has revolved around the sun 478 times since May 19, 1536, -- why has that made "time" pass? Or, as this short story puts it:

 "I fail to understand how it is that your Earth, revolving around its Sun, six times, six hundred times" -- she looked at him sharply -- "causes you to age."
The stars glittered outside the window, incomprehensible depths of them. Yet the ship itself also seemed to be at the bottom of an incomprehensible depth of retreating stars.
He gaped at her, her wings and her eyes. "I suppose it's not the fact of the planet's orbit that causes it. It's that all living creatures age. They wear out."
"Even other creatures? The grasses you have told me about? The fish?"
"Yes. Unless they are diseased or killed in some other way. Otherwise, they die of aging."
"But not from the planet going about its orbit."
"Not as such, no. However, observing the Sun and its cycles enables us to count time. Our most ancient civilizations noticed that a circle has 360 degrees of arc, and it takes about 365 days for the earth to revolve around the sun -- but then -- "
"Oh yes, we know about that. But -- traveling in this ship -- you are not aging normally, correct?"
"Not in 'years,' no."
"Then when will you die?"
He looked off. "In practical terms, I suppose I already won't."

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