Friday, January 10, 2014

Bright colors

I'm not one of these bloggers who thinks you will be wildly interested in photos of my cats. It's just that one of them seems to have a knack for color and composition. Maybe we should call him Matisse. He wouldn't much care. He's deaf anyway.

 Mayu sauvignon blanc, Chile. So delicious with autumn's cool weather dinners of fish, or, well -- grocery store rotisserie chickens, cheap and convenient after work. Yes.

 The sun sets, after work.

And, after work, we try what is one of the most scrumptious wines one could ever enjoy that still sets one back only about $30. Tinto Pesquara is the name, Ribera del Duero the region (of Spain).

Then, something from Chile. Montes "Twins." The twins are cabernet and malbec, combined in equal portions for this red blend. Delicious, again -- possibly the best red blend of my experience so far. 

Now we turn to cool shades of black, white, silver, and grey. Domaine de Nizas rosé of Languedoc, a sort of parting sample from Dave, who got promoted. We agree that, the liquor industry being the revolving door that it is, he'll be back.  

You know how I "loves me" my after-work rum sours. Kraken makes about the best there could be -- spiced and sweet, but not overly so.

 But too many rum sours make us sleepy. We must be careful. Matisse -- that is, Nicholas -- wishes you a good night.

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