Monday, October 20, 2014

Linus Larrabee (Humphrey Bogart) explains capitalism

YouTube has a way of combing through hoi polloi's uploads, and removing those that violate copyright. I was enjoying watching full episodes of Joan Hickson's 1980s era Miss Marple, until they vanished. (Thank heaven I was able to file away the ejaculation "That's a non-starter, Murgatroyd!" -- from A Murder is Announced -- in my repertoire just in time.)

For the moment, someone has been allowed to upload Linus Larrabee's (Humphrey Bogart) one-minute defense of capitalism from the movie Sabrina. I'll paste it here, but if I too am found out, just know that the nub of it comes at about the 30 second mark. "By a strange coincidence," Linus says, after factories go up and a harbor is dug in an undeveloped area, "people who never saw a dime have a dollar, and barefoot kids wear shoes." And what's wrong with that?

If you watched the movie for Audrey Hepburn's eternal poise amid small tragedies, or for her Givenchy frocks, then this little lesson will come as a pleasant, cerebral surprise. I also like the old father, who when scolded that This Is the Twentieth Century, scoffs "I could pull a century out of my hat, blindfolded, and get a better one!" Also so true.

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