Saturday, January 11, 2014

Winter owl, winter wines

Strangely enough, an owl has taken up residence in our neighborhood. We hear him hooting late at night, or early in the pre-dawn darkness. What with the softly gleaming ring around the chilly moon, the bare branches, and the snow,

and that double exposure of two chilly moons in the storm window --

and now an owl -- why, it seems just like winter. One reaches for those warming red wines.

Below, 2010 Monticello Vineyards "Jefferson Cuvée" cabernet sauvignon. Retail, about $25. Worth it.

Santa Rita "Triple C" red blend (cabernet franc, carmenere, cabernet sauvignon. The cabernet franc seems to make it leaner and flintier than many red blends.). Retail, about $26.

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