Monday, January 13, 2014

The joy of buerre manié

It is so simple that once having read about it, you will remember the formula, even though it may take you forever to actually make it.

What is it? Equal parts softened butter and flour. Start small -- a Tablespoon of each will do. Mix with your fingers. (Pretend it is a tiny bowl of cake batter.)

Drop by small glops and fingerfuls into whatever stew, sauce, or soup you are preparing, which seems to need a bit of thickening. Stir in.

That is all. 

It is called "buerre manié" (literally "handled butter"). You will like it very much. It adds richness, body, and taste to your stew, sauce, or soup, without the fuss of mixing a flour-and-cold-water slurry which, like as not, will clump and ruin everything.

And it seems, as usual, the French thought of it. One simply adores the French. 

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