Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sunday meme: vintage liquor ad, and -- um --

This one got 1,199 views. Maybe it's because people were googling "camping."

Now this is perfect. From Found in Mom's Basement, in 1996.

And what follows is not a vintage liquor ad, but is, um -- delicious enough to serve as one? It's from a favorite Sunday evening virtual hangout, She is French, only she got it from this isn't happiness.

It's called "Camping." Don't you think some bright soul at a little known but very good winery could come up with a wine for which this would be the daring new label? I'm thinking the image just shouts "rustic but approachable zinfandel."

And speaking of favorite Sunday evening hangouts, do come with me to The Well Heeled Cook, where we will now right this minute learn how to make a Pisco Sour from Pisco, that is, Peruvian brandy. (We remember that brandy is alcohol distilled from fully fermented wine, as gin, whiskey, and vodka are alcohols distilled from grain or potato mash, rum from molasses, tequila from agave, and so on.) Three jiggers of Pisco, one of lime juice, three quarters of a jigger each of simple syrup (or agave nectar) and an egg white, and we are on our way. Shake well with "dirty" ice and say cheers.

The "Haute" Cocktail from The Well Heeled Cook on Vimeo.

That was in August. The Well Heeled Cook's newest video teaches us to make "the berriest berry tart," and yes! my respect for her skyrockets with this one because not only is it delightful and entertaining, but she frankly owns here that fresh strawberries are beautiful but tasteless. Not to harp on matters, but we know how I feel about strawberries and indeed most fresh fruits. She just as frankly makes up for the poor things with flavorful addenda like raspberry vinegar, raspberry liqueur, honey, and strawberry jam. And she starts things off with a time-saving guilty pleasure, a store bought pie crust. Yippee ki yay.

Berry Tarty from The Well Heeled Cook on Vimeo.

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