Friday, January 17, 2014


Well, of course a major Spanish wine producer is going to be the thing that introduces you to the online, "Sims"-style role playing game Second Life. Interesting marketing gimmick, but truly -- don't waste your time. In fact that little marketing gimmick may already be a thing of the past. I surf the web, and I detect no further connection between Second Life and Raimat. Did I really taste these wines a full year ago? No matter. They are still good.

Raimat belongs to Group Codorniu -- chances are we all know this sparkling cava, retailing for about $9, better than the group's subsidiary products -- and the three that I tasted struck me as follows.

2006 Raimat Vina 43 tempranillo 

acids, but ...
smoky raisins

2009 Raimat Vina 24 albarino :  

Light wood 
light vanilla spice 
peach candy 
very acidic
buttery finish

"The only albarino authorized outside Rias Baixas" saith the nice salesman.

2006 Raimat Vina 23 cabernet sauvignon, Costers del Segre D.O., Spain

murky brownish-maroon color
fresh mushroom and smoky earth
not a fruit bomb (yet)
later, heavier fruit and caramel

All of these wines retail for about $10; all nice with whatever interesting things, meat, fish, or fowl, you are cooking for the weekend. In your real, first life.

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