Saturday, January 11, 2014

New cocktail -- the Bullfrog

Watch me visit the marsh in spring, and then try to identify birds. After that we'll have a cocktail.

A red-bellied woodpecker, I think?

American goldfinches. There is a cocktail called the Yellow Bird, but it is much too complicated to bother with. What with the rum (both kinds), and the lemon juice, the orange juice, the Tia Maria, the mint, the cherry, -- no. We'll enjoy something simpler in a minute.

Nice young Nick the forest preserve naturalist tells me this is a black-capped chickadee.

My field guide tells me this is a female house finch. I think. Below, a red-winged blackbird, perhaps? But where is his red shoulder patch?

And below this, a cocktail. In keeping with the marshy theme, we'll make a Bullfrog. It's much simpler than any Yellow Bird, and goes like this:

Pour a jigger of vodka over ice in a tall glass. Fill with Seven Up, then squeeze a lime wedge over and drop it in. That's all.  

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