Friday, January 24, 2014

My second Barolo

Not to be confused with my first Barolo, of course.

Azienda Agricola Sordo Giovanni, Castiglione Falletto, 1995.
Found in a rack in the liquor storeroom, below all the Smirnoff flavored vodkas. Covered with dust. Another example of why people stay in the wine business.

Color: beautiful. Indescribable. The glowing russet-brown of autumn oak leaves, as if seen shimmering through crystal. The aroma: Band-aids. (Yuh-oh.) Nail polish remover, faintly. (Yuh-oh. Perhaps I'm imagining things.) The texture: absolute silk in the mouth.

The flavor: cherry compote, albeit old and mature. Leather, faintly. So thin, so delicate, so elegant.

Paired with a chicken risotto, luscious with real chicken broth, olive oil, butter, cheese, and big pieces of chicken meat. My goodness, who knew that the alcohol content of this wine is 13.5 percent? But one must have a second glass, regardless. And then as Lucia would say, voyaging through Italy -- "goodnight, Georgino. Me so, so sleepy. "

P.S. Ought one to have a chocolate doughnut, afterward?

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