Saturday, January 25, 2014

Meme: vintage liquor ads

Once again, found in Found in Mom's Basement.

I like, or perhaps I should say I'm intrigued yet surprised by, the sinister feel of this ad for Hennessy cognac.

The woman is so obviously trapped, by layers and layers of things in the picture: the bottle and glass and hands, and the pouring liquid framing her of course, but also the record player, the dog, the lamp, the plant, the angle of the couch and the magazines on it, the angle of her own elbow. She might be some sort of creature in an experiment, and the mad scientist is the one measuring out a dose of something new, whose effects on the subject can only be guessed. Even the yellow color is sickly and unfestive.

And mind you, all this strikes me even though I'm not the type to see male chauvinist advertising industry bugbears everywhere.

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