Monday, January 13, 2014

Martin Miller's gin

Of course it's delicious. Only after a sip or two, the crisp flavors of cucumber and lemon become so prominent that one begins to think one is tasting the food that cucumber and lemon each pair so well with. Fish.

May one enjoy a fishy gin?   

Certainly. Besides, let's be fair. My favorite drink is any sour, so using Martin Miller's in a gin sour -- the juice of half a lemon, a dash of sugar, and a jigger of gin -- does lead to the brilliant conclusion "gee, this is lemony." Perhaps this gin's delicate botanicals and the effects of the fresh Icelandic water with which it is made will show up better in the cocktails you like -- the martini, the gin and tonic.

Or, you might try the simplicity of the Orange Blossom: 2 parts gin to 1 part orange juice, stirred with cracked ice and strained into a cocktail glass.

And I love Martin Miller's marketing. Polar bears and poodles, entrepreneurs in ruffled shirts photographed in an artistic half-light; beautiful women and ice floes.

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