Friday, January 10, 2014

In which I discover a new culinary thing! No kidding!

They are called "witches' finger" grapes, and I discovered them. Well, that is I bought them on an impulse at the store one day. They are very sweet and delicious, and look exactly like little strings of hot chili peppers. The bag they are packed in has the name and address of the grower printed on it, along with his encouragement to you to email comments and serving ideas to him. "We would love to hear from you." With a name like witches' fingers and their trompe l'oeil appearance, I can imagine these juicy morsels would be all the rage at Halloween, if their season lasts that long. An enterprising chef could somehow pair them macabrely with chestnuts, which look so much like miniature brains, remember?

I offer this suggestion quite contentedly to anyone in the food and drink industry. Like Diane Keaton's character Luna in Sleeper ("I hate being wrong! I hate being wrong!"), "my love is marketing ideas are a free gift to all the Bolshevik brothers." To which Milo snarls, "do what you want, you're over 21."

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