Sunday, January 12, 2014

Best beer packaging ever -- "Sour Power"

Naturally, the packaging is for a selection of delicious Flemish sour ales. Leave it to the kids to wrap their thick, sweet, quadruple-hopped and high-alcohol monsters around with coarse references to dogs or tragic shipwrecks or prostitution. Adults brewing fine old things restrict themselves to bright colors and cheery images of old movie stars. That is, I think they do -- I recognize David Niven here, but not the woman or the other man. A co-worker suggests Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra, and I suppose she is right, but I'm not very well convinced.

In this six pack we find two bottles each of Monk's Cafe, Petrus Oud Bruin, and Petrus Aged Pale. "The key to heaven," the label on Oud Bruin says, and if in fact the key to heaven would be a beer, I entirely concur it would be a sour. The deep clear brown-maple color, the gigantic spun-brown-sugar head -- the rich sweet-sour flavors of caramel, nuts, and cola -- bitterness almost non-existent -- and even the Oud Bruin is a tad bitter for me. (Drink it with food, to avoid a long-lasting bitter aftertaste.) 

And I don't see why it must always be dogs associated with beer marketing. (We are back to complaining about the kids again.) Why not cats? Herewith, I offer these two images to any micro-brewer in need of ideas for his newest label. Bright colors, grace, repose, regality -- shouldn't some beer say that about itself? Note how the two cats share the same corner of the couch, at different times of the day of course. And Nicholas must have his blue pillow.

There. Half a dozen ideas already. "Blue Pillow" ale, "Shared Couch," "Sleepy Nicholas," and so on. "Martha's Glare." Please make that one a sour.

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