Thursday, January 16, 2014

A day at the circus

There are women who are butterflies for a living.

 Sure, they look alert now.

I once read about a local woman who ran a "cat circus." She trained domestic cats to jump on ladders, stand on platforms and do tricks, and so on. (Exactly what today's dog act -- not pictured -- did, as a matter of fact, and they were clearly having a smashing time.) But if you were interested in the cat circus you had to, um, call ahead to see if the cats were ready to put on their show for your grade school or Brownie troop that day. Even if they were ready, they had to perform behind a curtain or something. Now, the tigers above were very professional, and probably well paid. Only felines in general remain the same. You see how dubious one of them is about putting his paw on that thing.  

Above, independent-minded camels. Not good, though the crowd loved it.

The elephant. Always to be relied upon.

Below, you see how huge the floor was -- that's what they call a three-ring circus. Gentleman friend says I need a better camera. I say, my camera is just fine. Every closeup you see is all its own work.

Below -- ah to be young, and riding BMX bikes in the circus.

"Hair-hanging artistry." It exists. And below, the mistress of ceremonies heads toward the cannon. There are women who do that for a living, too.

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