Friday, January 17, 2014

2010 Roth Estate chardonnay

Thus far, my favorite California chardonnays have been the kind that remind me of a piece of tart apple dipped in the most expensive gourmet caramel I can imagine -- that is, my favorite chardonnays have had a heavenly caramel aroma, a lot of juiciness and a dollop of something buttery and vanilla-like at the end. All in all, very delicate. Roth Estate chardonnay is like that, but it has also long, unfolding tastes in between the apple and the gourmet confection, tastes that seem to give you more acidity and even something like grittiness. Interesting, if not so delicate. Is this what experts call the "middle palate"?  

Anyway, the Roth is most delicious, a big wine deserving of a big meal. It might even be one of those chardonnays that you may pair with beef. A steak, done French-style with a pat of butter melting atop it, or old fashioned beef Stroganoff laced with sour cream, might make it and you very happy.

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