Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2009 Miner pinot noir, Garys' Vineyard

Exceptionally, I say exceptionally sweet -- caramel-laced currant jelly in a glass. After that, the wine flushes the mouth with all a pinot noir's usual acidity. "Made in the style of Burgundy"? -- really? Then Burgundies must be getting incredibly sweet. I don't complain, I only notice.

Being an ex-librarian I also couldn't help noticing the odd apostrophe outside the "Garys" of "Garys' Vineyard." It's all right. There are two Garys involved in the making of this wine. Miner's website explains, "impressed by the world-class grapes grown by Gary Pisoni and Gary Fransconi, Miner began sourcing fruit from Monterey’s Santa Lucia Highlands in 1997...." So the plural Garys do possess the vineyard, and the apostrophe correctly belongs outside their shared name. A pleasure to know that no grammatical error has crept onto the label of a sixty-dollar wine.

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