Sunday, January 19, 2014

2005 Cliff Lede cabernet sauvignon, Napa Valley, Stags Leap District

From Cliff Lede (pronounced LAY-dee), a winery founded in 2002.

Velvety and mature
soft and integrated
                  just about perfect

Drink it with a dinner of pot roast, or steak, or game, or some sort of very French and sophisticated but earthy, dark-meat poultry stew; don't attack the wine with spices or tomatoes or green peppers or anything terribly youthful, sunny, and aggressive.

Retail: about $60.

Go here for more information on the winery -- which, as you might guess, has nothing to do with the photo above.

Why is it there? I was trying to think what image could convey the flavors in the glass, and after surfing a bit, I found this one seemed strangely right. (The idea behind Chateau Petrogasm -- a blog of wine reviews through pictures only-- is still an inspiration, although the Chateau seems only occasionally occupied these days.) Anyway I hope Angirias will not mind a blatant theft of her work. Find more at her gallery, not at Chateau Petrogasm but on DeviantART. She also blogs -- in Russian -- at Antique Design, on Livejournal. Does she drink wine? She probably drinks wodka.

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