In an age governed by insanity, we search for truth

 Maybe forty-nine is the age at which you feel you should start writing manifestos, so that, however small a role you play in the universe, posterity at least has some proof of what you thought about events in that universe. Chesterton said:
"Do not be proud of the fact that your grandmother was shocked at something which you are accustomed to seeing or hearing without being shocked. ... It may be that your grandmother was an extremely lively and vital animal and that you are a paralytic."
Difficult to know where to begin; certainly we don't want to be paralytic. Shall we draw from a hat? Re: "gay marriage." Homosexuals can't "marry." Among all the other reasons, which normal societies not under tyranny don't require to be explained, the purpose of marriage is to keep one man loyal to one woman while she ages beyond childbearing age and he does not. Society takes an interest in this, because civilized societies have a stake in forestalling the chaos that would ensue if ever-fertile men could loose themselves on endless fresh cohorts of fertile young women. So, two homosexuals can't marry because by definition they are the same people, they will age at the same rate and their fertility is meaningless. They can't make a vow to each other that binds, commands, or acknowledges anything society has any interest in. I am talking about brute fundamentals, not insurance co-pays or what have you.

Besides, even if state authority imposes mock marriage on us temporarily, the gates will have to slam on the next supplicants who want to be let in. Brother and sister, say. Man and boy. (Or perhaps the gates won't slam -- in which case, leftist "tolerance" abandons hypocrisy for total depravity.) The very fact that the enforcers of gay marriage, from the Supreme Court down, won't pursue this little byway of logic to its end tells me they don't believe any of it to begin with. That Muslims are exempt from kowtow also shows it. Supporting gay marriage is like a code among the lunatics at an asylum. The only real purpose of it is to mock the foundation of human experience right now. Now -- they have a lunatic's hurry, too -- why? Before it's too late? Perhaps they've all read their Thomas Carlyle. "No lie can endure forever," he wrote in The French Revolution, "lies wait and cry earnestly for extinction."   

Apart from jotting down notes on manifestos for posterity -- we'll leave full-throated political writing to the professionals, shall we? -- perhaps at a certain age we also realize that, surrounded as we all are by endless information, what we want is truth. The word comes from the old English treowth (think "by my troth" of fairy tales and Tudor speech), derived from the Germanic treu and ultimately from the Indo-European drew, meaning, of all things, tree. "As in, 'firm [as a tree].' " What an extraordinary mental picture this presents. Sometime in remotest history, someone who spoke an Indo-European language perhaps said something with great passion, and then thumped a nearby tree. His hearers were amazed, and the image stuck.

And where does one find truths, firm as a tree? I sometimes think that our own age is so hopelessly governed by insanity that there is nothing for it but to open up the books of the past, which our modern governors either ignore or deride in infamous "hey ho, Western Civ. has got to go" style. The curious thing is that when you open up nearly any old book, you can find truths on nearly any page. Charles Lamb writes to Samuel Taylor Coleridge, in June 1796, in The Best Letters of Charles Lamb:
... for who shall go about to bring opinions to the bed of Procrustes, and introduce among the sons of men a monotony of identical feelings? 
Yes, who does that? Opening up Lamb, just for one, is like going outside and suddenly noticing your house is surrounded by trees. Either our ancestors lived in a more truthful world, or they too were governed by insanity and retreated at a certain age to write down manifesto-notes for posterity. But to begin with they had to get their truth-trees from somebody.

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